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180 softgels of Omega 3 at 1000 mg each





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Pet Wellness

Ensure your pet's health with Nordipets Omega-3 supplements, rich in essential fatty acids crucial for their overall well-being.

Vital Support

Support your pet's vitality with Nordipets Omega-3, providing EPA and DHA fatty acids for reduced inflammation and improved health.

Essential Nutrients

Administer Nordipets Omega-3 soft gels effortlessly, either directly or mixed with their food, ensuring pets of all ages receive essential nutrients.

Inflammation Relief

Nordipets Omega-3 soft gels are a convenient way to enhance your pet's diet, supporting various bodily functions for optimal health.

Omega-3 fatty acids are essential nutrients that are important for maintaining the health of pets. To make sure pets are getting enough omega-3s in their diet, many pet owners choose to give their pets supplements. Nordipets Omega-3 is one such supplement that is available in softgel form. Nordipets Omega-3 softgels are made from fish oil and are rich in two important omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA. These fatty acids are known to provide a range of health benefits for pets, including reducing inflammation, promoting joint health, supporting cognitive function, and enhancing cardiovascular health. The softgel form of Nordipets Omega-3 is easy to administer and can be given directly to pets or opened and mixed with their food. It is suitable for pets of all ages and breeds, including dogs and cats, and can be used as a daily supplement to help ensure pets are getting the omega-3s they need for optimal health. Overall, Nordipets Omega-3 softgels are a convenient and effective way to supplement a pet’s diet with essential omega-3 fatty acids. They can help support a range of bodily functions, from maintaining healthy skin and coat to promoting joint and cardiovascular health. As with any supplement, it is important to consult with a veterinarian before starting a new supplement regimen.

Say Goodbye

to Pet Joint Discomfort

Discover Enhanced Comfort Today!

Shop For Your Pet

Enhancing Pet Wellbeing with Comfort, Mobility, and Wellness Supplements

Reduced Inflammation

Omega-3 fatty acids help alleviate inflammation, enhancing pet comfort.

Joint Health Promotion

Supports healthy joints, aiding in mobility and flexibility for pets.

Cognitive Function Support

Enhances mental acuity and cognitive function in pets.

Cardiovascular Health Enhancement

Supports a healthy heart and circulatory system for overall pet well-being.

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180 softgels of Omega 3 at 1000 mg each




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Ana B.
United States United States

Positive changes!

I've noticed a positive change in my cat's behavior and overall energy levels since starting her on these omega-3 supplements.

Robert L.
United States United States

Great product

These softgels are a convenient way to provide my pets with the essential fatty acids they need for optimal health.

Alexis J.
United States United States


I appreciate that these Softgels are made with natural ingredients and don't contain any artificial flavors or colors.

Chloe P.
United States United States

A Long-Term Investment in Health: Omega-3 Softgels for Pets

These omega-3 supplements are a great investment in my pet's long-term health and well-being.

Leonardo V.
United States United States

Amazing product!

My cat is typically skeptical of new foods and supplements, but she took to these Softgels right away.