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Boost Your Pet's Health with Premium Omega-3 Supplements from NordiPet!

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Omega 3, 1000mg - 180 softgels





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Grand Flex - 120 Tablets for Chewable Consumption




120 Chewable Tablets of Multivitamin




180 softgels of Omega 3 at 1000 mg each




Liquid Form Omega-3 with 1000 mg per 32 Fl oz



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For Your furry Friend

Discover premium Omega-3 supplements sourced from wild-caught Alaskan fish at NordiPet. Our mission is to enhance pet health with high-quality, science-backed products. With us, pets thrive.

Nordipet Supplements

The Complete Solution for Your Dog’s Nutrition – While Supporting the Planet!

Nutritionally Balanced

Tailored for dogs and cats, Nordipet Supplements offer essential nutrients for their overall well-being.

Premium Ingredients

We exclusively utilize top-quality natural ingredients, guaranteeing your dog receives pure nourishment without any detrimental additives.

Adored By Dogs

Experience visible enhancements in your dog’s health and vigor, from improved joints to glossier coats, thanks to our supplements.

Environmentally Friendly

Crafted with sustainability as a priority, Nordipet Supplements are the eco-conscious choice for pet owners who prioritize the planet.